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Things to do when you’re unemployed.

Things to do when you’re unemployed.

Say you just got laid off or fired. Eventual you will face the interview question: What are you doing now?

This blog is about an answer to give that will be better accepted than draw unemployment.

Yes you look for a job, but the truth is you cannot job hunt for eight hours a day seven days a week. Once you read all the job ads, replied to any you are qualified for and are interested, what then.

So spend your days doing something meaningful with your time and that will not only keep up your spirits, give you something of quality to talk about in a job interview but will also have kingdom purpose.

But this is also good for you in your job hunt. Because when you talk about what you have done since you left the last company, you can present it in a positive light by talking about doing what you are doing now.

1. Create a job for yourself. Offer to work for free, do an internship at a company (I did this once at a Video Production Studio). That way you do not have a gap in your resume, resumes do not have show part-time or full-time or show pay or no pay. So volunteering at a company for a few of hours a day or week can ended up looking like a full-time job on your resume. And this can be very helpful to get experience in the field you want to get into, a transitional move on your resume as well.

Two and three is where the kingdom purpose can come in.

2. Work at your church. Do the things you always said you would if you did not have to work. A day or two at your church, in the office, in a ministry there. Churches are always in need to staff help, just ask your pastor is there something I could be doing for a day or two a week.

3. Work at a ministry. Such as a homeless shelter a food bank one day a week or even half a day. Even better start a ministry, that one thing that you have had a burden for, a calling you in your heart. Now may be the time to make it happen, get it going. You will be serving God and the Kingdom as well as again a resume doesn’t show part-time or full-time and it doesn’t show pay or no pay.

4. Start a blog about the industry you are in or want to go into. Blogging is a great way to keep up in your industry and network without looking desperate. Everyone who is unemployed should be blogging as a way to get their next job. They say you should be branding yourself for the job you want in three years. A lot of people even go as fare as to say your blog is the new resume. I just recently stated one on Leadership for this very reason read it here.

5. Go back to school. Take a class or classes in anything. Use the time to grow, better yourself. It does not have to be job related, just getting the most out of your time off, time to do what you have not had the time to do.

7. Teach a class. Volunteer to teach a class on a subject you have expertise on, it will keep your skills alive and refined, and give you something impress to add to your resume. You could check with local colleges, business groups and community centers, even at your church.

8. Start a company. Have you ever thought of going into business for yourself. Do you have a business idea? Your may never have a better opportune time than during unemployment. You have time, and you can try ideas and see what happens.

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