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Waiting Prayer

Waiting Prayer

I blogged about what I got out of the Onething conference regarding prayer on Monday, the Lord has added more to what He is teaching me. Someone I admire very much for his spiritual life and ministry shared about an aspect of prayer that hit home with me, added to my new arsenal of tools for prayer.

Here is some of what Jaeson Ma shared on his blog,

“Waiting upon the Lord has been the secret to my spiritual life. It is what keeps my heart burning with passion for Jesus 24-7.”

He said that someone had told him that, “Waiting upon the Lord, are you hungry for more of God, do you want to be on fire for God 24-7? Then you must learn to wait upon the Lord.” And so he put it into practice in his life. Jaeson went on to say, We need to wait on God by being still, silent, and to daily gaze at God’s beauty for long periods of time, hours, not minutes.

Waiting prayer is about waiting on the Lord, it is silent surrender of ones soul to God. It is to seek God with all your heart and mind. By frequently waiting silently in the presence of the Holy Spirit, you become more and more sensitive to His manifest presence in our lives. You wait on God because it is what your spirit hungers and longs for most. It longs for intimacy with God and with Christ. Waiting prayer is what you do when you have prayed and you can’t pray anymore. Waiting prayer is what you do after you have read the Word, over and over, and you now want to meet with the Author of the Word. Waiting prayer is what you do after you sing a praise song to God, have song your heart out, and you can sing no more. It is then, when you can do no more, it is at that moment you sit silently in the presence of Holy Spirit and let Him love on you. This is when you have entered into waiting prayer.

Waiting on the Lord is about being still in order to know God’s presence, to see His face, His glory. It is love on fire combined with burning intimate devotion. The ultimate goal of prayer is not to ask, the ultimate goal of prayer is a relationship. Waiting upon the Lord is practicing intimacy with God. It renews our strength like the eagles (Isa 40:31) because it is through waiting that our spirit becomes one with the Holy Spirit. Remember, we are not waiting for God. Rather, He is waiting for us to come to be present to His presence. Ultimately, waiting prayer is setting apart regular time specifically and exclusively to be with our Lord.

Waiting on the Lord brings us into union with God. We spend time waiting in God’s presence, so that we can become one with His Spirit. Waiting on God is the practice of saying no to the flesh and yes to the Spirit. The fire of His presence burns away all our impurities for one purpose; to leave us fit for divine union.

Ultimately, we wait on God to become transformed into His image from glory to glory (2 Corinth 3:17-18)

I am committed to making this part of who I am, my life, adding this to my life, I want to keep my heart burning with passion for Jesus 24-7. I have added more time to my prayer time for waiting prayer, to practice as a way of life. Also to schedule, set aside entire days for waiting prayer. I have been and will continue to wait on the presence of the Holy Spirit daily. Everyday, after quieting and silencing my mind, will and emotions from inner distractions, the presence of the Holy Spirit would fill my being again and again.

” Now how to practice waiting prayer …

1) Spend time in Praise, Prayer and the Word daily. After this time, bring your
mind and heart into complete silence to the world and welcome the presence
of Holy Spirit

2) Come into God’s presence with no agenda but to love God and let Him love you

3) Focus your thoughts on the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

4) If your mind wanders, whisper a prayer like, “I love you Holy Spirit” or “I
long for you Jesus” to re-center your mind on His presence

5) Listen and be open to the voice of Holy Spirit. Write down what He says to
you (Habakkuk 2:2) and keep a prayer journal.

6) Close your time with a prayer of thanksgiving

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