Wanted, Bible Study

Wanted, Bible Study


It is almost imposable any more to find a good bible study, home groups that actual study the bible. Most seam to just read and talk about Christian books (what I call junk food), not that there are not good Christian books worthy of discussing. But they are not the word of God, and faith is increased by hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17), not someone’s ramblings about what they believe about God. Only the bible is the word of God. Besides I an not one want to study someone’s philosophy on God and life over Gods truth about Himself and life.

I miss the days past when a good bible study was easy to find, so many nights I remember setting with a group till midnight even 2, 3 AM studying and discussing the word. Discussing how to apply it to our lives and not wanting to leave tell we got it. The discussions where so great, the Lord moved in such power that we did not want it to end.

Sadly it is easer to find a home bible study group in China, one that actual studies the bible than it is today in the US, how things have changed.

We need them to become common place once again, the blueprint for home groups. To be part of a group who love the Lord, His word and want to open the bible and study it, even till the Sun comes up if the Lord so moves, thats what my heart aches for.

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