Week Summary

Week Summary

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Last week was a much welcomed and needed chain of events for me. My friend Lloyd from Canada whom I have not seen since last November came to town for a worship conference. He brought his two sons whom I have not seen in 10 years, since they left Kansas City and went back home to Canada, and 4 other friends of theirs.

It was great to see his boys and catch up with them as well as hang out with Lloyd, he is a great man of God, we helped plant two churches here in KC. This is what our time together was like.

On Wednesday we had dinner together at a Chinese restaurant, had a amazing Chinese girl wait on us whom came to find out was a believer, we had not only great conversation among our selves but with her to.

After dinner we attended the night of worship at the conference lead by Chris Tomlin, so Wednesday was a full night of fellowship, food and worship. We had church, international church, six Canadians, one American and one Girl from China.

Friday we had lunch at Oklahoma Joe’s, voted best Bar-B-Que in the country this year. Had a great time of fellowship and food. Then we went to IHOP and had a time of worship with Misty Edwards leading worship, one of the most passionate lovers of God around.

After 2+ hours of worship we went to the mall, where Lloyd ran into Herbert a guy he did ministry with in Africa 3 years ago, who has been involved at IHOP (House of prayer) and he and his wife to be are leaving at year end to plant a church in Columbia. After a great time of fellowship with them, leaning about Herbert his wife to be what God has been doing with them and where He is taking them. We went to some old friend I have not seen in a couple of years from my old church plant. We all had a home made spaghetti dinner. Two guys from China joined us that are staying with them, so it was very international, Americans, Canadians, Chinese setting down to eat Italian food. We had church again, all day church that is. Then we went out for ice cream and a movie. Then sadly my friends had to head back.

But what a time of deep fellowship in Christ, every day should be like that, good friends, good food, great worship and Christ in the middle of it all. That’s church. I miss those days when that was the norm for me. I want my life to be like that again, that to be a normal day in my life. All day church.

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