What are my passions?

What are my passions?

Appropriately timed Michael Hyatt new blog post was “Find Your Passion in Three Steps” so in light of where my life is and all that God has been throwing my way, I did his 3 steps. Well the first one and then add two others I got from the two conference I partook in. And here is what I got.

Michaels first question was:

1. Where does need and joy collide? Theologian Frederick Buechner wrote this: “Vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.” I would add to that: our ministry is the intersection of our passion and the world’s greatest need. One way to determine your passion, though, is discovering what you believe to be the world’s greatest need. The passion flows from that. For instance, I believe the world’s greatest need is to heal from the past to live freely today. My passion is to write in such a way that I can help people live free.

Loved the statement “Vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.” .

So, what is the world’s greatest need, according to you? What you hope to do about that gets at your passion.

My answer to what passions burn in me; Preaching the gospel, Planting churches, make disciples, Feeding the poor and needy, Stopping human trafficking.

What needs do I see needing to be filled: Preaching of the gospel, Discipleship, Feed the hungry, Rescuing the oppressed.

2. Then I asked myself who are my hero’s, the men I look up, want to be like? This question when asked at the conference was to show how it reveal much about us. What burns inside of us, who we want to be, so look for the common thread.

Here are mine; George Muller, John Hyde, Francis Chang, Jaeson Ma, and Ying Kai.

What is the common thread, two known as great men of prayer, one as a man of great faith, four are/where church planters, one rescued orphans, three travel/traveled the world preaching the gospel, all made/make disciples, all where/are soul winners and all where/are pastors. Oh and one was a missionary and one wanted to be.

So my hero’s confirmed my inner passions, I want the lives of men who have done the things I seen a need to be filled in the world, and the passions that burn in me.

So then My passions are:

Preaching the gospel
Planting church
Make D
Feeding the poor and needy
Stopping human trafficking

So what do I want to do if I could today.

I would preach the gospel, plant churches, feed the hungry, and go to other countries and do them aswell.

I would love to go to Asia mostly, China to spend time in the under ground church to learn.

Want to fill up my passport with entrance visas to many counties.

New catch phase: Burn to go over seas, to preach, disciple, plant, feed, cloth and free.

The one question not answered thou is, Where does that intersect with job, making a living? My must urgent need at the moment.


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