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What kind of workers is Jesus looking for. Matthew 9

What kind of workers is Jesus looking for. Matthew 9

What kind of workers is Jesus looking, we read in Mat 9:39 He says “Pay the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest”. In the verses prior to that verse we read that Jesus calls Matthew to “follow Him”, and He and the disciples eat a meal with sinners. Then Jesus goes about raising a girl from the dead, healing a woman who has been sick for 12 years, gives sight to a blind man and cast a demon out of a man. And after having modelled this to His disciples, He turns to them and says, pray for more help in the harvest, more workers to do what I just did, showed you to do. That’s the context for verse 39. This is what He is telling them to ask for help to do, the 38 verses prior and the next 42 verses of chapter 10 tell us to what the workers all to be called to do, what the field is and how to harvest it.

Then in chapter 10:1-9 He gives them the exact same authority to do what He had just be doing, to continue what He had just done. “And proclaim as you go, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons.” This is the kind of workers Jesus is looking for, and the type of work He has called His followers to.

1. Heal every disease and every affliction.

2. Cast out demons

3. Raise the dead

4. Make clean the unclean

5. And proclaim the Kingdom of God is at hand (doing all of the above is the Kingdom at hand, being manifested on earth.

Notice only one has to do with talking and the rest have to do with demonstrating the power of God, manifesting the Kingdom on Earth. He is saying not only go out and share the word of the Kingdom but also do the work of the Kingdom. Something to think about.

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