What the Bible Says About How to Find a Wife.

What the Bible Says About How to Find a Wife.

I was looking at people that got married in the bible, their stories, this is what I found and was pondering about them.

Adam and Eve had a prearranged marriage and they married the same day they met. So I guess that give support for the whole Jewish matchmaker thing?

Rebekah was a “mail order” bride and agreed to marry Isaac sight unseen. So maybe I should look into all those Russian mail order bride sites after all?

Boaz had to purchased Naomi to be his wife. So does this does lends support again to the whole Russian mail order bride thing?

David got Merab as his first wife for killing a hundred Philistines and gathered their foreskins to the king. Now where can a fella find a Philistine today, let a lone a hundred of them? And where would I redeem those foreskins for my prize?

David also got Michal, Ahinoam of Jezreel as perks from the King for a job well done. Makes you rethink the whole benefit and bonus package at work doesn’t? Know what I’m asking for next job negotiations.

Esther won her husband in a beauty contest. So I guess that opens up the door to hanging out at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show to get a wife? Woo hoo!

Now on a more serious note, all fun aside.

David got Abigail as his wife after Abigail showed herself as a Proverbs 31 woman, dedicated wife and servant. This shows us the benefits of looking at the girls life, seeing her character lived out, proving her worth as a wife and mother before you take her as a wife! How well she takes care of herself physicality, no bad habits or addictions, no bad attitudes, emotionally stable, proves she is a woman of God. Do you look at her and see Jesus in who she is, how she lives and loves others, and serves God?

Do not pick her on her beauty alone but her character, personality, qualities and traits. Look at the story of Abigail, Naomi and read Pro 31. Look at those women’s trates, does she display them. Is she walking with Christ.

Jacob served fourteen years as a slave to buy Rachel to be his wife. This shows us we must be patient, work hard and prove ourselves worthy as a husband first!

Men are you proving yourselves to be worthy husbands and men of God while you are single? Do you have any bad and destructive habits or addictions like drugs, alcohol, food, lust or porn, est that you need to get delivered from first. Are you emotionally stable? If so address them now, you do not wait tell you married to fix these things.

Are you proving you are a man of God, a faithful servant of God. Are actively involved with the church, the body of Christ. Are you not just going to church but are serving, exercising your gifts in service to the church/body of Christ. Are actively building the Kingdom of God, serving others, investing time into the lives of others showing that it’s not just all about you. That you are a man of the word, you are actively studying the word daily, that you are a man of prayer, you are actively discipling others, all this proving, showing the woman what kind of husband you will be.

Are you showing you care about yourself and others by how you live? Showing you have good passion for God, people and life, are you actively involved with others? It is all about showing how well you will take care of her and your children by how well you take care of yourself, by how you teat others and yourself now. Are you in good shape, dress nice, shave and shower daily, eat healthy, no bad self destructive habits or attitudes and have a active relationship with God and His church/people?

Bottom line is are you a good preview of want a good woman of God wants to marry, have as a husband and father to her children?

If not take action now, today as a single man of God. I am not saying we have to be perfect, I’m just saying take a look at who you are and what you are offering to someone. Would you marry someone like you? It’s only when we seek to be the best man we can be for God, man of God, be the best for ourselves, that we will attract the best woman of God and have something of value to give her.

After all if you want a Angelina Jolie you better be a Brad Pitt. If you want a woman of God you better be a man of God, and live like it now.

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