Who’s Qualified to Plant a Church? To Lead a Church?

Who’s Qualified to Plant a Church? To Lead a Church?


Just heard the story out of YWAM of a 12 year-old girl orphan at an orphanage in Russia that is leading a church at the orphanage she is at for other children.

My first thought was praise God and the verse Isaiah 11:6 “A little child shall lead them“.

Going on with her story, Jesus healed one of the children at their church gathering, here’s the story as it was shared.

“The orphans were gathered together, reading the New Testament. They came across a story about Jesus healing the sick. One of the girls had a deep cut on her hand. She asked, “Could Jesus heal me?” The orphans started praying asking Jesus to heal her. When the girl opened her eyes, her cut was gone. It was completely healed, without so much as a lingering scab.”

So we have a 12 year-old orphan girl start a church at her orphanage, she is leading the church service. They are reading scripture and believing what they read so much so, that they pray for each other and healings are happing. Praise God.

After reading her story I though how none of us, especial me have no excuse for not planting a church or leading a house church, after all if God can use a 12 year-old orphan to plant and lead a church. Then so can I or anyone else who is in Christ.

Now I ask you who’s qualified to plant a church? Who’s qualified to lead a church? Whether it be in a orphanage, living room of a home or wherever? Whom ever God wants, even a 12 year old orphan girl can.

This along with other teaching the Lord has given me the last week has given me a change of mind as too what I can do, even when the “church” and others say I can not do it, because I’m not qualified to according to their rules. With God, we are always qualified to do what He wants us to do. God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called. So None of us have an excuse for not doing what scripture has given us the authority to do. Like preach the gospel, make disciples and even plant a church.

I must chose to be like the 12 year-old girl and live like the Nike slogan, and Just Do It.

(Note above photo is not of her, just a photo I used)

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