Why I Do Not Use Study Bibles

Why I Do Not Use Study Bibles

I was asked why I do not like study bibles. (in reference to my post on finding a new bible read here )

1. When I read the bible I want God to speak to me though what I am reading. The comments in study bibles interfere with that.

2. I rely on the Holy Spirit to enlighten the word to me, not someone else’s interpretation of what it says.

3. I interpret the word of God with the word of God just as God taught me to do, that is, I read the entire bible, ever verse related to every verse, the concordance is my main study aid. Study bibles can make one lazy and just rely on the notes instead of reading every Word.

4. Study bible are like Cliff Notes, someone else’s summery filtered threw their interpretation, theology and beliefs. So study bible leave you at the mercy of whom wrote the notes, do you really want to trust your spiritual life, put your understanding of God and His word in the hand of someone else? I do not.

5. Study bibles make people lazy as to never engage in real bible study, read every word, study the history and languages of the bible. Not want to take the time to actual study, learn, know and discover for themselves what the word of God says.

The only study notes you find in my Bible are my notes that I have written in, what God said to me about that verse, or word study notes. Study bibles can have there place as a study aid for quick reference. But for me never as a primary source for study or to use as my daily bible I read and study.

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