Why I Will Not Volunteer any More

Why I Will Not Volunteer any More

Wanted: Volunteers to help the poor, needy homeless; Only those perfect and sinless need apply!

That could be, really should be how ministries advertise now days.

While exploring the opportunities to volunteer at a shelter or some other ministries this Thanksgiving I was disappointed to discover that was not possible to do. Why. Because if I so wished to do so I need to have “applied” to do so weeks ago, due to the fact that the places I talked to require that you fill out a multi-page application, the same type as one does to apply for a job today, say like the FBI. And you must apply early enough that they may do all the required background checks, you know your credit report, driving record, criminal record, tax records and currant and past employers and 5 references of course.

OK, I was not seeking employment, only to help the needy on Thanksgiving, and what dose ones credit score and driving record have to do with one helping the needy, spending the day serving food to the needy. I was both socked and enraged at the whole process. Even thou I can pass their screening, its not of God to do this, to say God only uses, wants sinless (according to mans definition) people to serve Him.

I have come to this conclusion, I will not support in any way, financially or with my time as a volunteer any organization that believes that great men of God such as King David, Moses, Mary Magdalene (none would have passed a background check , two where even where murders.

Nor would any former prostitutes, drug addicts, thieves and such, the very ones whom made up the first church. Even Jesus Himself would have failed there app process, after all He was unemployed, homeless, He had no place to lay His head (bad credit score). Even the very ones Jesus picked to be His disciples, the ones that He invited not only into His Kingdom but to be His workers, builders of His Kingdom, could not pass the application process.

If King David, Moses, Paul, even Jesus are not allowed there, as far as I concerned neither do I. You see if Jesus where to apply today, He would have a criminal record, He is by today’s standard a convicted felon and would have a rap sheet. Any place that does not what Him, I want nothing to do with.

Jesus pick Mary Magdalene (a former prostitute, someone with a criminal record) to serve Him, be close to Him, the Pharisees and Sadducees rejected her, told her to get out. Even confronted Jesus for letting such a person in their mists, today the ministry leaders are just the same, justify their actions just as the Pharisees and Sadducees did. And Jesus response was her and her kind would enter the Kingdom of God before they would, His words still ring true today.

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