Wilderness Experience

Wilderness Experience

sinai-desert I have always heard the time the Hebrews spent wondering in the Sinai desert (wilderness) after they left Egypt referred to as the "Wilderness Experience", and always in a Negative way. Christians always use the phrase "Your having a Wilderness Experience" when ever someone is going through a ruff time in their life. Having a bad season in life. But if you read the story and truthfully look at it, are they really right to teach it in a negative way, really use it as a comparison to a hard time in ones life.


This is what we read about the Hebrews experience in the Sinai desert.
1. They did not have to work for their daily meals, toil, plant, harvest or hunt for food. Their daily meals where delivered to their doorstep.
2. The women did not even have to prepare or cook a meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was catered for them.
3. They did not have to make or buy one single peace of clothing, repair or replace their tent (house) for 40 years.
4. They did not have to start their day wonder what they where to do, or God’s will. His physical, visible present lead them day and night. God walked among them, with them, visibly with them daily.
5. God was verbally teaching them about Him and life. As life was happing, God was telling them how to handle it, live.
6. When they gathered for worship, God was there, visibly and verbally His presents was there.
7. Their days where consumed with being married, having and raising children, living in community and listening to and following God.

OK, how may of us would not trade our life in the rat race for that life. How may of us would love to wake up every morning with God’s pillar of fire showing us where we should go today. Trade in the daily grind at the office for spending the day with our family, not having to worry about making ends meet, putting bread on the table, paying the rent. Having God take care of, provide everything for you. Go to church and have God there, just a few feet away from you. Have God with you visibly every day, guiding you, not in feeling like He is with you, you look with your eyes and see His hand showing the way.

I think we need to new understanding of what the Hebrews had in the Sinai. And new phrase to use for those going through bad times, hard times. Maybe we should start referring to the good life as the "Wilderness experience".

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