Would you End World Hunger for a dollar a week? We can.

Would you End World Hunger for a dollar a week? We can.

Girls dirty faces c avaag Yes! A Dollar a Week Will End World Hunger, that’s all it would take

Over one billion live with a daily existence of malnutrition, hunger and polluted drinking water, at the top of scale also has over one billion people in it, the top of the food chain as they say lives lived where hunger is never really an issue for them personally.

The number of well off and those living in extreme poverty on the planet is now 1 to 1.

If all of those who are at the top want to provide the the means to end hunger, how much would it cost them? Assume that all existing government and private aid programs continue.

The cost of providing one billion people with 250 kilograms of grain, enough to prevent starvation every year is approximately $50 billion dollars a year, that’s it. That would seem to be a lot of money, but with one billion people to pay, it is no big deal just $50 a year!

With $50 billion a year as an estimated cost of ending world hunger, the expense for each well-off person is one dollar a week, for about what the average customer spends a week for coffee they could end starvation. And if the world corporations where to kick in, it would be even less per person. It is the growth in the number of rich people on the planet, that results in this favorable situation that we now have, this is a open door to end hunger, if we choose to step though it.

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